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Your risk management partner for real estate services and landlord insurance to luxury home and personal liability coverage. 

We leverage JD and MBA degrees, and lots (in the billions) of prior transactional advisory experience, to help get your business one careful step ahead of the rest. 

At Notable Risk, we specialize in creating risk solutions for real estate professionals including landlords, architects, construction/engineering, and property managers. We also build coverage to protect high-value assets like luxury homes and rental properties reliably.

With us, you can expect data-focused, hands-on consultation, even on weekends, and current technology that enhances your experience – i.e. you get much better results.

Things are a bit different here.

Consultation over Standardization

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With over 20 years of prior recognized experience in risk management, Notable Risk sets a nearly unmatched standard for its clients by identifying potential risks and developing solid solutions to safeguard their valuable assets and real estate businesses.

Our JD and MBA degrees help establish a high level of professionalism that benefits our clients.

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Working with Notable Risk to structure insurance for your high-value assets or real estate business is a smart choice

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You understand the added protection available when you work with an independent insurance agency that specializes in risk solutions for valuable assets and real estate businesses


You believe that your insurance advisor should build uncompromised trust and instill confidence like your investment, accounting and tax partners


You recognize the dependability provided by a hands-on personal advisor who has previous multi-billion-dollar company experience


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You realize that a tech-enabled advisor will more efficiently and effectively serve your needs

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We elevate the independent insurance agency experience for our clients:

Luxury Homeowners

When choosing home insurance, thinking beyond the coverage amount is essential. Your policy protects not only your possessions in your house but also extends coverage for your valuables when traveling, even overseas. Furthermore, it can offer considerable personal liability protection, which is crucial for families dealing with unexpected exposures.

Umbrella Seekers

It is extremely important to ensure that you have the right amount of personal umbrella insurance and that it is set up in the correct way. This includes having coverage for potential risks such as underinsured or uninsured motorists. It’s also essential to clearly understand what the policy covers and what it does not. To avoid any issues with your personal umbrella insurance, it’s crucial to make sure that the underlying liability policies and limits meet the necessary requirements.

Real Estate Investors

As an owner of a single-family rental, apartment building, large residential portfolio, office complex, or retail and shopping center, you may encounter various risks. When selecting landlord insurance, it’s important to make smart insurance decisions about issues like on and off-premises liability and loss of rent protection to mitigate these exposures.

Property Managers

Managing residential and commercial real estate can expose companies to significant risks. It is essential to have adequate professional liability insurance, as well as other critical coverages such as general liability, workers compensation, employment practices liability, cyber and more. These factors must be carefully considered to ensure proper protection.


Your services require great attention to detail and so should your risk management. Architect insurance protects firms from claims of negligence, mistakes that may arise during projects. This policy is referred to as E&O Coverage but architects need to consider additional coverages like general liability, cyber, and umbrella insurance.

Classic Car Enthusiasts

When you own a vintage automobile, it’s important to consider classic car insurance that takes into account the potential increase in value over time. Unlike a personal car that may depreciate, classic cars can appreciate. When insuring your treasure, you should carefully think about options such as guaranteed value coverage, and additional coverage options like driving flexibility and flatbed towing to protect your vehicle in case of roadside repairs.

Expect better solutions whether it’s about anything from personal liability coverage to rental property insurance.

We use a purpose-built onboarding program aided by convenient technology. This means comprehensive and personalized diligence to structure the right program, with greater efficiency and less time required of each client. 

Here’s an important homeowners insurance example: If your child is living at college, you find great comfort knowing that he or she is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, including personal liability protection to cover an unfortunate accident caused by your child.

Often, if your child elects to take one less class during the semester pushing your child to “part-time” student status, then any third-party damages may result in a denial of coverage.

For many, that’s an unknown exposure (some may view it as a gotcha). Notable Risk finds exposures and builds a reliable insurance program. The details matter — work closely with a principal advisor who invests in your family.

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Questions you may be thinking about.

Do I need a separate umbrella policy or can I simply increase the personal liability coverage under my homeowner's policy

While you can increase your coverage limit under your homeowner’s policy to up to $1.0 million with many carriers, for higher limits (e.g. $5.0-$10.0 million, or more), you very likely need to obtain a personal-umbrella policy. If you obtain the personal-liability coverage from the same carrier as your underlying homeowner’s and auto-insurance carrier, the ability to obtain a significant personal-umbrella policy is typically available (albeit in some cases you may need to obtain a second, or additional, personal-liability policy called an excess policy).  The coverage is layered together to create higher limits that many families require to adequately protect their financial interests.

Do I need to bundle my homeowner's and auto policies together?

It’s not required. There are advantages and disadvantages when you combine multiple policies. The most frequently touted benefit is a potential discount, which many carriers will indeed offer for multiple lines of business – but this is not guaranteed.  There are two less frequently discussed advantages, however, that should be considered. One, there is less of a chance that a gap in coverage will result, particularly where you introduce several lines of business beyond your home and auto — for example, seasonal homes, boats, personal-liability (umbrella) policies, etc. Two, when there are fewer carrier options for various reasons, it can be a big advantage to have multiple coverage types that you are willing to insure with one insurance company. On some level, it helps counter-attack a more difficult to insure asset like a coastal home that may be subject to wind and flood exposure, etc.

My limited edition luxury auto is rarely driven. Do I have options to decrease the personal-auto insurance premium costs?

Yes.  There are a few paths available, with the key fact being that your vehicle is not an everyday car, and it’s very infrequently driven.  If you (and other drivers in your household) have another everyday car, one potential option is to insure the vehicle with a specialty collector-vehicle insurance company.  Perhaps less known, classic-car companies will often insure newer cars (e.g. 1990 or newer), assuming the vehicle meets various requirements related to mileage, value, and physical condition. If your limited-edition (or unique luxury car) qualifies for collector-vehicle insurance, your rate may decrease by as much as 30-40%.

Will my child who is going to college next year continue to be covered under my homeowner's-insurance policy?

It depends (not the favorite answer of course). Like many areas of insurance, this is one where the specific details really matter! You need to consult the indivdual policies as they govern who is covered under what circumstances. That’s where Notable Risk comes in.

Among other things, there are two very important requirements in most policies that are often overlooked! One, the child living at school must be under 24 years of age (although some high-value carriers, or others, will increase this age limit slightly). Two, the student must be deemed a “full-time” student as defined by the school or university. Keep in mind, the definition of full-time is not a traditional definition or one that your child determines — it’s the definition provided by the school.  For example, if your child takes one less class that puts he or she into part-time status, they may lack coverage under your homeowner’s policy.



If our neighbor borrows our new luxury Mercedes once, will our auto-insurance policy still protect us and the vehicle.

Absent unique circumstances, as long as someone has permissive use to drive your automobile, then your coverage will follow your car.

I recently inherited a fine art collection, will it be covered under my homeowner's policy

Most standard market carriers have very low sub-limits that apply to personal property or articles like jewelry, art, coin collections, memorabilia, etc. Additionally, the scope of coverage can be very narrow and fail to cover things like mysterious disappearance. While high-value carriers apply higher sub-limits (e.g. $100,000 in some circumstances), to the extent that you own a valuable collection (e.g. $500,000), you will need to schedule your property or obtain a blanket policy or personal-articles floater. These options, among other things, will increase coverage limits, expand the scope for covered perils (causes of loss) and potentially remove deductibles.

Should I switch coverage if I received a home and auto quote that significantly reduced my premium?

Maybe (another answer that’s not popular). One of the many benefits of working with an independent insurance agency is that you often have indirect access to many insurance carriers, thereby providing more options for types of coverage and rates. You may have found great coverage with an attractive rate.
At Notable Risk, we believe that rates should be “fair” and “reasonable” — we believe that shopping for the lowest or cheapest rate can bring with it very undesirable consequences. You may find that you have (very) diminished coverage (e.g. your personal-liability protection under your homeowner’s policy may be inadequate or your auto-insurance bodily injury limit may be set too low, or even at the state minimum level, leaving you potentially exposed). It’s important to understand why your rate likely decreased. For example, one acceptable approach may be to increase your deductible (e.g., increasing your homeowner’s deductible from $2,500 to $5,000 or $10,000). You may find that you can afford to self-insure the increased deductible amount, resulting in potentially significant premium savings. Ultimately, the details matter so make sure you’re given understandable explanations as to how your coverage has changed.

If my home was appraised recently for $2.0 million why does the insurance company require that I insure it for $2.9 million?

One key explanation is that insurance companies base their homeowner’s insurance on what is referred to as “replacement cost”. Replacement cost refers to the cost necessary to rebuild your home or replace personal property with a new item. Often it may cost more to rebuild your home, particularly in an inflationary environment or period of raw-material or labor shortages. Actual cash value (ACV) refers to the market value of a home or item minus depreciation. An HO-5 policy has replacement cost on the home and personal property, whereas an HO-3 policy has replacement cost on the home and ACV on the personal property. Keep in mind that a lender may require that you obtain replacement cost coverage, not ACV.  Aside from lender requirements, generally, you should always seek “extended replacement cost” or “guaranteed replacement cost” on your home, and replacement cost on personal property. Extended replacement cost, while more expensive, typically increases the dwelling limit by 25% or 50% in the event of total loss. Guaranteed replacement cost, while even more expensive, covers the full cost to rebuild in the event of a total loss — absent an agreed limit set forth in the homeowner’s policy. Many high-value home insurance companies offer guaranteed-replacement-cost coverage for primary and, potentially, seasonal homes.

Can I find coverage as specific as designer purse insurance?

Yes. In fact, for luxury handbags, there are some important things to know in order to find the right policy. 

Handbag insurance as it is often referred to is a type of coverage that protects your valuable handbags from loss, theft, or damage. It provides financial reimbursement for the cost of repairing or replacing your handbag in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Having handbag insurance can give you really important comfort knowing that your investment is protected. Handbags are often expensive and may hold sentimental value, making them attractive targets for thieves or susceptible to accidental damage. 

When considering handbag insurance, it’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions offered by different insurers. Some policies may cover only specific types of losses or damages, while others might offer more comprehensive protection — the details matter!

Factors such as the value of your bags and how frequently you use them should also be taken into account when selecting an appropriate policy. Before purchasing handbag insurance, it’s advisable to document all your bags with photographs and keep receipts as proof of their value. This will help facilitate any potential claims process in case an incident occurs.

To learn more about this coverage check out our in-depth blog article here.

If you’re a high-net-worth insurance client, you may need to change your digital footprint to reduce  damaging exposure — find out now

Notable Risk has partnered with a leader in cybersecurity, AI and data privacy to provide a 2-part research series aimed at educating affluent insurance clients about digital risk.

In 2020 and 2021, Computer Weekly named Notable Risk’s lead external researcher one of the most influential women in technology.

If you’re a high-net-worth insurance client, you may need to change your digital footprint to reduce damaging exposure — find out now

Notable Risk has partnered with a leader in cybersecurity, AI and data privacy to provide a 2-part research series aimed at educating affluent insurance clients about digital risk.

In 2020 and 2021, Computer Weekly named Notable Risk’s lead external researcher one of the most influential women in technology.

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