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Notable Risk makes it simpler to obtain landlord insurance in Colorado.

At our agency, we specialize in creating comprehensive landlord insurance solutions designed for Colorado investors.

We have a vast network that provides you with access to top insurance companies, offering you more options and better success.

Our agency is unique, as we are fueled by MBA and JD degrees, along with 20+ years of leading risk management experience.

Additionally, we have advised on real estate transactions worth over $1.0 billion, providing us with valuable knowledge that we use to create optimal results for our insurance agency clients.

We understand the importance of standing out in the crowd to make Notable Risk the comfortable choice for real estate investor clients looking for a new level of personal attention and risk management excellence.

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Landlord Insurance Colorado

Multifamily Properties

Solutions for single-family and condo rentals, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, apartment buildings, 5+ property portfolios and extensive multi-state residential investment property holdings.  


Landlord Insurance Colorado

Commercial Properties

Obtain quotes for retail centers,  office buildings, mixed-use properties, warehouses and parking assets. 

Landlord Insurance Colorado

Hotels and Motels

Get insurance for small bed and breakfasts, motels, several hundred key hotels, beachside resorts, or extensive portfolios.

We take 20+ years of prior risk management leadership to structure rock-solid insurance programs for real estate clients in Colorado.   

Our insurance agency takes pride in delivering meticulous consultation and fast service to our clients. We specialize in offering landlord insurance, which enables us to provide superior results for property investors.

Our online onboarding process caters specifically to investment properties, and you will have the constant support of a dedicated advisor, who will assist you with reliable coverage and dependable advice (aided by technology)!

Whether you own a rental home in Vail or an apartment building in Aurora, your insurance advisor will be there with you every step of the way. With 20 years of earlier big experience in risk management, we are well-equipped to offer trustworthy insurance programs to clients seeking better landlord insurance in Colorado.

Most importantly, we won’t propose an insurance program that we wouldn’t recommend to our own family members.

A lot goes into building coverage and risk-mitigation solutions to protect investment properties.  Notable Risk will help turn challenges into opportunities.

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Four Simple Steps for Colorado Investors to Get Comprehensive Landlord Insurance

Risk Assessed

While your dedicated advisor is available to help, you complete an efficient online risk analysis. 


Coverage Structured

Your details are reviewed and personalized insurance designed. We then access our network of some of the top landlord insurance companies today to get quotes.

Quotes Explained

Your quotes are reviewed from your mobile phone by a quick video tour.  In a click or call, your advisor is ready to help.

Insurance Bound

After carefully reviewing insurance options with your dedicated advisor, you bind great coverage! It’s the start of reliable communication all year.

Notable Risk can be your confident one-stop shop for all your diverse real estate insurance needs in Colorado and beyond. We will help you find the best landlord insurance companies.

Your Trusted Advisor for All Your Real Estate Insurance

Your insurance needs in the Centennial State may involve a rental home, apartment building, multi-unit portfolio, warehouse, or office property.  We know that you need fast and dependable coverage solutions. Our heavy focus on landlord insurance across most real estate asset classes allows us to provide top-notch results. 

We tap our insurance networks to obtain competitive quotes from some of the largest national carriers in the world to specialist landlord insurance companies that can provide great opportunities for your unique needs. 

We focus on data (it impacts coverage and how much landlord insurance costs!). Your hands-on advisor will invest the time to get this right for you. One area that plays a big role is environmental exposure.

Landlord Insurance Colorado


Across Colorado, 65% of properties will be exposed to some wind risk such as severe storms over the next 30 years.

Riskfactor.com reports that there is a very low risk of moderate all the way to extreme exposure.

However, 100mph winter-season winds in December 2021 helped the advance of destructive wildfires in Boulder Colorado that burned a shopping center and a hotel.

Overall, there is a larger risk of damaging winds predicted on the eastern half of Colorado compared to the western side.


Landlord Insurance Colorado


During the next three decades, 2,009,510 properties in Colorado will be exposed to some level of wildfire risk. That’s almost 8 out of 10 properties statewide!

Between 1984 and 2021 Colorado suffered 271 wildfires.

Did you know that cedar shingles on your property can increase the probability of burning by 26%?

Did you that combustible materials used to construct a property exterior, such as timber, can increase the likelihood of burning by 25%?


Landlord Insurance Colorado


173,820 properties in Colorado have more than a 1 in 4 chance likelihood of suffering severe flood risk during the next three decades!

The National Weather Service has a detailed flood resource for landlords and others to help understand historical and future risks.

In addition to flood insurance in Colorado, there are several practical steps to help minimize loss :


  • Remove items from the basement
  • Keep detailed inventory of personal property that includes photos
  • Raise utilities off the ground
  • Inspect gutters and downspouts
  • Improve grading near foundation
Landlord Insurance Colorado


According to Moneygeek.com, Colorado ranks #1 in the United States for anticipated hail losses on a per capita basis!  

In recent years, Colorado has averaged 234 hailstorms per year. 

Areas across Colorado may face risk, highlighted by moderate to severe risk from hail damage, particularly in the eastern half of the state.



We not only find landlord insurance in Colorado but we build a coverage program to protect your assets. 


Risk is Complex. We make it Simpler.

Our personalized and detailed approach means we build comprehensive landlord insurance plans in Colorado.



Landlords face many risks from tenant accidents to repairmen injuries. Umbrella insurance policies protect Colorado landlords from legal liability exposure related to properties and real estate operations. When underlying residential or commercial property insurance limits are reached, an umbrella increases available amounts. 


Equipment Breakdown

Investment properties require stable expenses. This valuable coverage safeguards Colorado landlords from significant and unexpected expenses due to sudden breakdowns of equipment such as heating and cooling systems, water heaters, and key appliances.


Tenant Discrimination

Perhaps not always analyzed carefully by landlords or their agents, this critical insurance is intended to cover legal costs if an investment property owner is alleged to be at fault for discriminatory actions related to activities such as tenant screening programs that are based on discriminatory factors such as race or gender.


Workers Compensation

If you have 1+ employee working for your Colorado company, you need to obtain workers’ compensation insurance.  Beyond the required nature, this coverage is critical as it safeguards Coloardo investment property owners as well as employees from workplace accidents and resulting injuries.


Flood Insurance

Flood damage can be extensive and costly.  It’s critical that Colorado landlords protect their investment properties from such risk.  Flood for investment properties can be obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the rapidly expanding private insurance market which offers reliable coverage with significant limits.


Employment Practices

Often referred to as EPLI coverage, it’s essential insurance for Colorado employers who may face allegations from employees for alleged illegal terminations, discriminatory treatment,  harassment, and other impermissible actions related to their business operations. 

Our real estate focus is local. Unique details matter.

If you invest in some of Colorado's 64 counties statewide, we are ready to protect you.

If you are considering buying an investment property in any of Colorado’s amazing counties, Notable Risk can assist you with your comprehensive insurance needs.

Colorado is known for its beautiful outdoor scenery and recreational activities, in addition to the urban amenities found in larger cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder.

The state is also home to world-renowned ski resorts such as Vail and Aspen. There is a wide array of properties to choose from in Colorado, ranging from office complexes and warehouse parks to ski rental homes and apartment buildings.

Colorado’s economy is also strong and diverse, with industries such as technology (often called “Silicon Mountain”), healthcare, aerospace/defense, tourism, and hospitality. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment grew from December 2021 to Decmeber 2022 in the nine largest counties in Colorado, with Denver, Weld and Jefferson leading the way!

Notable Risk places a significant emphasis on landlord insurance in Colorado, putting us one step ahead in assisting real estate investors with all of their coverage needs. Whether you have a single real estate asset or a large multi-state portfolio (including Colorado rental properties), we can help you with your real estate insurance needs.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is for illustration purposes only and shall not be relied upon for any purpose. Notable Risk does not provide any investment advice of any kind or nature whatsoever. You must consult your real estate agent, lawyer, tax advisor and other professionals. 

Hinsdale County

Hinsdale County boasts stunning natural beauty with its mountainous terrain and abundant outdoor recreational activities. The area is home to the San Juan Mountains and the Weminuche Wilderness, providing residents and visitors with opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, and more.

This appeal makes it an attractive destination for tourists seeking adventure or a peaceful retreat. The county’s tourism industry has been steadily expanding over recent years due to its scenic attractions and proximity to popular destinations like Telluride and Silverton. 

The county hosts various events and festivals that draw crowds from near and far. These visitors often seek short-term rentals or vacation homes during their stay. 

With its picturesque landscapes and growing tourism industry, this county can offer many attributes that are important to visitors and residents!  

Douglas County

Douglas County is widely recognized for its high standard of living and attractive amenities.

The population of the county has been on the rise, leading to a high demand for rental properties. The county’s economy is robust, driven by key industries such as technology, healthcare, and education, which ensures a stable job market and attracts residents looking for quality homes to rent.

Douglas County boasts stunning landscapes with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, and ample outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking, and skiing. These amenities make it an appealing location for renters seeking convenience and leisure.

The county’s school districts are well-regarded, making it an attractive destination for families who prioritize education when choosing their place of residence.

Over the last decade, the county has experienced significant population growth due to its attractive lifestyle offerings and job opportunities provided by nearby cities like Denver. This demographic provides stability as they often seek long-term rentals or even consider purchasing homes later on.

In terms of property management services and support infrastructure such as maintenance companies or professional leasing agencies, Douglas County offers numerous resources that facilitate smooth operations for landlords. These services help ensure efficient tenant screening processes, and timely repairs or maintenance request handling, which can ultimately contribute towards maintaining high occupancy rates.

Overall, Douglas County is a popular destination for renters and homebuyers alike, given its outdoor activities, strong economy, and growing population.

Pitkin County

Pitkin County is a picturesque location that attracts both tourists and residents due to its beautiful landscapes and vibrant communities.

Home to popular tourist destinations such as Aspen, Snowmass Village and Buttermilk Mountain, the area offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and golfing during the warmer months.

This consistent influx of tourists creates a market for short-term rentals, while the thriving local economy supports long-term rentals as well.

The county boasts a diverse range of industries including tourism, hospitality, outdoor recreation, and healthcare, providing ample employment opportunities for those seeking permanent residences.

In addition to the outdoor recreational opportunities, Pitkin County also has a vibrant arts scene and hosts several cultural events throughout the year, which draw both locals and tourists alike.

With its attractive location, strong tourism industry, diverse recreational opportunities, robust economy, and cultural attractions, Pitkin County is a great place to visit and live

Broomfield County

Broomfield County is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and lively community. The county offers an attractive mix of amenities, including parks, recreational facilities, shopping centers, and top-rated schools.

Broomfield County is conveniently located between Denver and Boulder, two major economic hubs in the region. This prime location provides access to a diverse range of job opportunities and amenities that attract residents seeking both urban conveniences and natural beauty.

The county’s robust economy is driven by various industries, including technology, aerospace, healthcare, and education. Companies such as Oracle Corporation, Level 3 Communications (now CenturyLink), Ball Corporation, and SCL Health have established their presence here.

Additionally, Broomfield County is an appealing choice for families looking to settle down, as it boasts excellent schools and recreational facilities. The area offers numerous parks with hiking trails, as well as golf courses such as Broadlands Golf Course and Omni Interlocken Golf Club, and shopping centers like Flatiron Crossing Mall.

In terms of the real estate market trends within the county itself, property values have, generally, been increasing over the years due to demand factors, but still remain relatively affordable compared to neighboring areas like Boulder or Denver. Additionally, the vacancy rates are generally low in the county.

The combination of natural beauty, a thriving community, and economic stability potentially make Broomfield County a top choice for residents.

Boulder County

Boulder County in Colorado has a strong local economy and is located near the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Due to these factors, it attracts a steady stream of residents.

The county is home to various cities and towns, including Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, and Superior, which offer diverse rental options ranging from apartment buildings and townhouses to rental homes.

The county has often recorded strong job growth along with the advantage of the presence of prestigious educational institutions such as the University of Colorado Boulder. The county’s economy is diverse and driven by sectors such as technology, healthcare, education, and renewable energy. This has created a strong job market, attracting professionals to the area.

Additionally, Boulder County is known for its natural beauty, making it an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an active lifestyle amidst stunning landscapes. Its proximity to hiking trails, ski resorts like Eldora Mountain Resort and Winter Park Resort make it appealing not only to locals but also tourists who seek short-term rentals during their visits.

Overall, Boulder County is an attractive location for residents due to its strong economy, attractive rentals, and housing opportunities as well as its beautiful location near the Rocky Mountains!

Summit County

Summit County is a winter sports enthusiasts’ headquarters, home to popular ski resorts like Breckenridge, Keystone, and Copper Mountain.

But that’s not all – these resorts also offer various summer activities like hiking, mountain biking, and fishing, making it an attractive destination all year round.

In addition, the county hosts numerous events and festivals that draw large crowds from nearby cities and states, contributing to the demand for short-term accommodations. The county’s proximity to Denver makes it easily accessible for weekend getaways or extended vacations by residents of the metropolitan area.

Visitors often choose to rent vacation homes or condos instead of staying at hotels when visiting this picturesque region.

Summit County has often exhibited a strong economy, with job opportunities in industries such as tourism/hospitality, outdoor recreation/leisure services, healthcare services, and education/training centers related to skiing/snowboarding/mountain activities. This provides potential tenants who are seeking long-term rentals with a range of options.

The county’s breathtaking surroundings, energizing tourism industry, frequent strong population demands, and typically strong job market prospects make it a popular destination for visitors and permanent residents alike.

El Paso County

El Paso County is a vibrant region located in the state of Colorado, known for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational activities, and employment opportunities.

The county is home to several thriving cities, including Colorado Springs, Fountain, and Manitou Springs, which attract residents due to their unique features.

El Paso County also hosts several military installations such as Fort Carson and the United States Air Force Academy, which contribute significantly to the number of homeowners and rental homes in the area.

The county also has reputable educational institutions like the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), which creates a student housing market.

The region attracts military personnel from nearby Fort Carson and families seeking a high quality of life.

El Paso County is home to several major employers, such as defense contractors, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. With its proximity to Denver and other neighboring cities, El Paso County also benefits from spillover activity. Another advantage of living in El Paso County is the presence of various recreational amenities and natural attractions. Residents enjoy easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking trails, parks, and scenic landscapes such as Pikes Peak.

The county’s natural beauty and diverse offerings make it a potentially great place to live, work, and enjoy the surrounding geography!

Eagle County

Eagle County is home to beautiful natural landscapes, including the famous Rocky Mountains and beautiful valleys.

The county offers convenient access to amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, schools, and recreational facilities.

It is also home to renowned ski resorts such as Vail and Beaver Creek, which attract visitors from all over the world during both winter and summer seasons. This consistent influx of tourists creates a demand for short-term rentals and vacation homes.

Moreover, Eagle County boasts a strong local economy with diverse industries beyond tourism. It serves as a hub for outdoor recreation activities like hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and golfing.

The presence of major corporations also contributes to job opportunities and economic activity within the area.

From luxury condos near ski slopes to family-friendly homes closer to schools and amenities – there are a range of properties in the county.

Eagle County offers potential opportunities for many homeowners and renters given its scenic surroundings coupled with robust tourism-driven demand throughout the year

Larimer County

Larimer County is situated in the northern part of the state of Colorado and comprises several cities and towns, such as Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park.

The county houses major employers across different sectors, including technology, healthcare, education, and manufacturing.

Along with that, the county offers a desirable quality of life with access to outdoor recreational activities like hiking trails and national parks.

The county’s proximity to major cities such as Denver and Boulder is an added advantage. Professionals. among others, choose to settle in the county, seeking affordable alternatives outside the city limits while enjoying easy access to urban amenities.

The county offers various types of rental properties, such as single-family homes, townhouses, condos/apartments, or multi-unit buildings.

Overall, Larimer County can be a popular destination for many, given its strong outdoor outlets, employment opportunities, and proximity to large cities. 

Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County is located within the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metropolitan area and has a stable economy with diverse industries such as healthcare, technology, aerospace, and manufacturing.

The county’s natural beauty, including parks, trails, and open spaces, further adds to its appeal for many residents and tourists.

Arapahoe County has a range of housing options, including single-family homes to multi-unit complexes. Additionally, the county is known for its excellent schools and recreational amenities.

Not to be overlooked, Arapahoe County has a well-developed transportation infrastructure with easy access to major highways like I-25 and I-70, making commuting convenient for residents who work outside of the county or need access to other parts of Colorado!

Garfield County

Garfield County is often a short-list destination for renters and homeowners.

The county’s proximity to major cities like Denver and Aspen makes it accessible and popular.

Additionally, Garfield County is home to several well-known outdoor recreational areas such as Glenwood Springs and Rifle Falls State Park, which draw tourists and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the seasons. Additionally, Garfield County is home to several ski resorts that attract visitors.

The local economy in Garfield County is supported by diverse industries, including energy production, tourism, agriculture, and healthcare.

The county’s natural beauty, including stunning mountains and rivers, makes it an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts. As a result, there is a need for vacation rentals and second homes in addition to the various permanent and rental housing needs of the county’s happy residents!

Are you sure? It’s possible that your Colorado rental home insurance may have an incorrect value. Our free tool can help you find out!

It’s common to confuse replacement cost and market value when insuring assets like investment properties.

Replacement cost is the cost of restoring or rebuilding an asset to new condition using similar materials in kind and quality (without considering depreciation!).

Market value is the worth of the property that is determined in the current market between an ready, willing and able arms-length seller and purchaser.

Insurance carriers typically use the replacement cost value to determine the amount of coverage needed for any structures under your landlord insurance policy. However, the two methods can result in different values, so it’s important to understand the difference between them.


Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Property Insurance in Colorado

If a Colorado rental tenant defaults on rent will landlord insurance provide reimbursement?

Typically no. Landlord insurance is designed to protect investment property owners from covered causes of loss associated with renting their properties unrelated to contract or lease provisions such as a  tenant rent default. 

What does landlord insurance cover

It covers three main things. First, the structure of your rental property in the event of damage or destruction due to a covered loss such as a fire. Second, it provides premises liability coverage in the event that someone were to be injured at your rental home. For example, if a tenant falls due to an unknown loose railing and breaks his or her arm. This portion of landlord insurance would provide protection for legal costs, settlements, and potential awards. Lastly, landlord insurance provides coverage for loss of rental income in the event that your investment property suffers damage or destruction due to a covered peril (again, an event such as a fire or sudden pipe burst, etc.).  If tenants are then forced to vacate, the landlord will receive compensation for the rent that would have been received (subject to policy limits), to pay for ongoing expenses like mortgages, taxes and utilities. 



How much does landlord insurance in Colorado cost?

On average, the cost of Colorado landlord insurance is $1,590.

However, this amount can vary greatly based on indivdual factors such as the location, value, size, age and condition of your rental property.  For example, rental homes near environmental hazards like brushfire sources or located a far distance from a hydrant and fire department can cost more. Similarly, older units where the roof, plumbing, electrical and HVAC have not been updated will be more difficult to insure at lower premiums.

Does Colorado landlord insurance cover vacancy?

As a general rule, no.

In order to obtain coverage for your investment property that is partially or fully vacant, you need to obtain a rider or endorsement to your existing policy to specifically address the exposure, or you will need to obtain standalone vacancy coverage for your rental property. 

Properties that are vacant for as few as 30 days typically require vacancy coverage. If you fail to obtain this important coverage, your later claim for loss such as water damage or vandalism will be denied.  Insurance companies understand that vacant rental properties create a different risk profile and therefore have exclusions in their landlord insurance policies (and other coverages) that require real estate to be occupied to qualify for insurance coverage. 

While vacancy rates in Colorado cities like Fort Collins, Boulder and Colorado Springs have averaged vacancy rates recently as low as approximately 1.5%, 3.16% and 3.21%, respectively, in other major cities like Denver the percentages have been slightly higher at around 4.2%.

However, in some years, the vacancy rates have been significantly higher in most Colorado cities which acts as an important reminder to monitor vacancy conditions and the impact on your rental property insurance — and the need to be organized and proactive to obtain appropriate vacancy insurance to avoid a significant loss. 



Can Colorado landlords require tenants to obtain renters insurance?

Yes.  Colorado landlords are permitted to require in their lease agreements that tenants obtain renters insurance for the rental properties they occupy.  

What is the average cost of renters insurance in Colorado?

The average cost for renters insurance in Colorado is approximately $16 per month. This will provide $40,000 in coverage for the tenant’s personal property such as their clothing and furniture. It will also include $300,00 of personal liability protection.

These numbers are estimates only and increases to the coverge amounts (e.g. the personal property limit) as well as other factors, may significantly change this amount. 


What factors impact the cost of investment property insurance in Colorado?

As you apply for landlord insurance in Colorado, like other states, there are several essential factors you should keep in mind. Here are seven of them that insurance companies pay close attention to:

1. Age of Property: Insurance companies now focus more on the overall age of properties. If your investment property is over 20 years old, they will ask about the following:

2. Year your roof was last replaced: Since the majority of landlord insurance policies provide replacement cost coverage for your structure (including your roof), insurance companies will put extra emphasis on the age or year it was last replaced. A newer roof indicates fewer exposures to losses like water or electrical-system damage.

3. Recent updates to plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems: If your investment property was built over twenty years ago, insurance companies will require information about when these systems were last updated or replaced. Newer systems indicate a well-maintained property and a lower likelihood of loss to numerous incidents that statistically occur within investment properties.

4. Claims history: Insurance carriers are laser-focused on the rate and severity of prior claims filed, particularly those that occurred within the last 3-5 years, whether you are seeking investment property insurance or a personal liability policy.

5. Size of your property. Larger properties with more units, for example, will cost more to repair or rebuild, thus resulting in greater exposure to the landlord insurance company. In turn, premiums will increase as the size and number of units grows.

6. Safety features and hazards. Maintaining a safe environment for tenants is important. Rental properties with deadbolts, fire extinguishers, 24-7 remote-monitored burglar and fire alarm systems, among other things, can potentially help reduce your rental home insurance premiums. At the same time, exposures such as playsets/trampolines and swimming pools may increase the cost of rental property insurance (or, in some cases, disqualify coverage).

7. Environmental impact: Underwriting risk exposures now take into account severe weather and natural disasters. Risks such as wildfires can greatly impact coverage availability and pricing.

Can I rely on my homeowners insurance vs landlord insurance?

If you rent your home, you will need to obtain landlord insurance (or an endorsement, separate coverage, etc. that takes into account that your property is rented to others).

Generally, carriers assume that tenant-occupied rental houses introduces added exposures compared to properties that are occupied by the owner who may be more likely to quickly address any maintenance or other issues that may lead to potential losses like water damage.

In fact, if you fail to obtain rental home insurance for a property that you rent to others, you will find that your claims will likely be denied by your homeowners insurance carrier.

We have prepared a helpful article (and illustration!) about landlord insurance vs homeowners insurance to assist you in closing coverage gaps and potential claims denials!


Who are some the newer landlord insurance companies to consider?

While both more and less experienced landlord insurance companies can present reliable options for your investment property, there are a few new companies that have started business in the last few years. These companies focus on providing insurance solutions for real estate investors. Five of the providers that we think are worthy of inclusion on the top landlord insurnace companies list are:

1. Obie Insurance: They are a landlord insurance specialist company that operates in 50 states.  One of their goals is to make the experience of obtaining coverage for landlords and investors simple.  Obie insurance steamlines the process of obtaining quotes and binding insurance.

2. Honeycomb Insurance: A tech-focused company that focuses on real estate insurance for not only property owners but also condo associations and more.  They use proprietary technology to help obtain insurance coverage for customers. Honeycomb Insurance offers 24/7 online access to engage in self-service activites like obtaining insurance certificates.

3. Steadily Insurance: They focus on premium coverage for rental properties and help owners obtain quotes quickly and simply.  Steadily Insurance has product for long-term tenant properties as well as short term rentals like those on AirBnB.  Also, in many cases they will insure trusts, limited liablity companies, and other corporate entities.

4. Openly Insurance: The insurer focuses on real estate insurance for owner and tenant-occupied properties. They focus on providing a premium product in a simple fashion. Openly Insurance is a highly rated company for their comprehensive coverage and claims handling.

5. Hippo Insurance: The company is heavily focused on technology and making the process of finding and buying insurance simple.  One key focus of Hippo Insurance is the use of smart devices in properties to reduce risk from exposure like fire or burglary. They provide dwelling policies for landlords as well as homeowners policies for owner-occupied homes.

Importantly, each property and situation requires careful review to determine whether any of the above companies are an appropriate fit for the specific nature of your risks. This list is for illustration only and shall not be independently relied upon for any purpose.

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