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Landlord Insurance Virginia


Insurance for rental homes, 2-4 units, apartment buildings, and significant investment property holdings.


Landlord Insurance Virginia


Coverage for shopping centers and retail pads, office buildings, mixed-use, parking, and warehouse properties. 

Landlord Insurance Virginia


Programs for bed and breakfast properties, hotels, resorts and large portfolios.

We Provide Access to Many of the Best Landlord Insurance Companies and Build Risk Management Programs that Help Avoid Costly Regret.

When you choose Notable Risk to find your landlord insurance in Virginia, you can expect the following:

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4. An efficient onboarding process that utilizes advanced technology.

5. A different kind of insurance agency experience that will leave you smiling.

Whether you own student housing in Charlottesville, an apartment building in Arlington, an office complex in Fairfax, or a retail pad in Richmond, Notable Risk will find better real estate insurance solutions that can make a difference.

Notable Risk focuses on the details because they matter today more than ever.  We believe in being fast + careful.  

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  • Did you know that across Virginia there is 323,858,084 square feet of industrial space?

  • Did you know that there is 297,973,725 square feet of office space in Virginia and 98.4% of the total is either Class A or Class B space for rent?

  • Did you know that retail space in Virginia that is between 50,000 and 100,000 square feet comprises 21.16% of the total retail rental space?

  • Did you know that Virginia apartment buildings with greater than 20 units make up only 1 out of 5 of the total rental housing market

  • Did you know that the fair market rental amount in Virginia ranks 19th in the United States among the list of the most expensive states?

One insurance agency partner for your Virginia investment property insurance needs.

If you’re looking for reliable assistance with landlord insurance in Virginia, without any sales pitches, we can assist you. Notable Risk is your go-to destination for all of your real estate investor insurance requirements, ranging from rental home insurance in Richmond to office building insurance in Arlington.

Our valuable network offers access to national and specialized landlord insurance companies. We can assist with many real estate asset classes.

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Environmental exposures have a big impact on landlord insurance. We focus on lots of data to navigate any challenges we encounter on your behalf.

Landlord Insurance Virginia

Wind Events

There are 3,315 miles of coastline across the State of Virginia, which ranks 8th among all states.

Virginia Beach, Virginia’s most populous city and part of the Hampton Roads or Americas First Region, is heavily exposed to the coast.

Wind exposure is a vital environmental risk to monitor in Virginia. Over the next three decades, 36% of all properties across Virginia will be subject to damage due to severe storms, hurricanes or tornados.

Of the total properties at risk of wind damage in Virginia, almost 1.5 million are subject to either severe or extreme wind risk.


Landlord Insurance Virginia


Virginia is one of the eastern states with measurable wildfire risk.  Across the state, 2,477,718 in Virginia will remain subject to wildfire risk at some point over the next 30 years.  That equates to almost 2/3 of all properties in VA! 

Between 1984 and 2021 there were 99 recorded wildfires in VA. The later Hurricane Fire in November 2022 burned 18 buildings across 2 miles of impacted area in Virginia. 

Landlord Insurance Virginia


Flood risk continues to elevate in many areas of the United States. In Virginia, there are  482,760 properties that have a greater than 1 out of 5 chance of suffering flood damage over the next three decades.

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation has additional resources on flood risk that can be helpful to review. 




Landlord Insurance Virginia


Hail exposure has continued to present an increasing risk for many landlords seeking rental home insurance throughout parts of the country.  In Virginia, the risk associated with hail is relatively low throughout most of the state.

According to FEMA, the two areas in Virginia with a “relatively moderate” hail risk are Richmond and Loudon. 

Nonetheless, there were 46 hailstorms between 2012 and 2021 which landed Virginia as the 25th state with the most hailstorms. 

Notable Risk will help obtain competitive landlord insurance in Virginia and build a comprehensive program that makes great sense.

Robust Real Estate Insurance Plans Make a Difference.

We will build residential and commercial insurance coverage that will protect better.


Commercial Umbrella

As a property investor in Virginia, it’s important to have adequate protection against unexpected liability. To ensure that you are fully covered, landlords often look to commercial umbrella insurance policies for increased coverage limits. Once the underlying limit on your investment property insurance is exhausted, having an umbrella policy in place can then extend the underlying limits and provide increased protection. 


Equipment Breakdown

Having the ability to budget costs and expenses is a priority for investment property owners.  Unexpected equipment breakdown with a rental property can be a costly expense that’s an extraordinary item. This coverage will reimburse owners for unexpected and sudden losses to major equipment like electric panels, boilers, water heaters, and sump pumps. 


Tenant Discrimination

Standard landlord liability insurance does not typically cover claims made against an owner for actions such as discrimination, wrongful eviction, or various types of harassment. However, tenant discrimination coverage was created to close this gap and provide coverage for attorneys fees, settlements, and judgments that may be made against Virginia landlords and property managers related to these types of unexpected and costly claims.


Workers Compensation

As a landlord in Virginia, like any employer in the state, you are required to obtain workers compensation insurance if you have two or more part-time or full-time employees.  Even more, the definition of employee is very broad. The cost of this coverage is calculated based on factors that include your payroll, loss history, and type of work activity/classification. Workers compensation coverage is essential protection for both the employee and employer.


Flood Insurance

Flood damage can result in very costly damage to investment properties in Virginia.  As the exposures continue to increase in the U.S. and Virginia, it’s important to obtain robust flood coverage for investment properties.  Coverage can be obtained through either the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or private companies that also offer flood insurance for structures and contents.  Often the private market will offer larger limits compared to the NFIP.


Employment Practices

There are various types of claims that an employee may allege against the employer. Employment practices liability coverage  (EPLI) provides protection against employee claims for violations typically related to wrongful hiring/firing practices, harrassment and other claims of unfair and discriminatory treatment.  Associated costs can escalate quickly but EPLI can provide coverage for attorneys fees, settlements, and judgments.

Your landlord insurance in Virginia solutions get wide access and local attention. 

If you decide to purchase in any of the Commonwealth's 95 counties, we will patiently help with your insurance needs.

Your due diligence in reviewing any property investment should include an analysis of the required insurance to protect your residential or commercial property. That includes analyzing coverage from one of the best landlord insurance companies. That’s where Notable Risk will help you build and find a reliable plan. Whether you need rental home insurance or apartment building insurance, we can assist you with all of your landlord insurance in Virginia.

Virginia has consistently ranked as one of the states in the U.S. with a lower unemployment rate given its diverse economy.  Employment and GDP in Virginia is supported by government, professional services, health care, real estate and information sectors and accentuated by the growing tech sector which is located in many of the northern areas of the state near Washington D.C.

Of course, Virginia is also home to renowned universities across the state including the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, William and Mary in Williamsburg, George Mason in Fairfax, Old Dominion in Norfolk and James Madison in Harrisonburg.  If you need student housing insurance, you have an experienced partner who knows the space very well — we previously owned and operated student housing properties!

If you need any other landlord insurance in Virginia, Notable Risk will provide hands-on help and some great online tools to make things easier for you.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is for illustration purposes only and shall not be relied upon for any purpose. Notable Risk does not provide any investment advice of any kind or nature whatsoever. You must consult your real estate agent, lawyer, tax advisor and other professionals. 

Fairfax County, Virginia

Fairfax County offers a top location and many potential opportunities for real estate investments. With its strong economy, excellent schools, and proximity to Washington D.C., this county is an attractive destination to consider for both residential and commercial properties.

The demand for rental properties remains high due to the presence of major employers such as government agencies, technology companies, and renowned educational institutions like George Mason University.

In terms of commercial real estate investment, Fairfax County has a strong business environment. It is home to several corporate headquarters and office parks that attract businesses from various industries.

Additionally, the county’s robust transportation infrastructure ensures easy accessibility for employees and customers. The area also benefits from well-maintained public amenities including parks, recreational facilities, shopping centers, and cultural attractions that enhance the quality of life for residents. Fairfax County’s strong economy coupled with its desirable location make it an important choice for investors to consider when they are looking to invest in Northern Virginia.

Loudon County, Virginia

Loudoun County is a great location for real estate investors to consider. Its proximity to major employment centers like Washington D.C., Reston, and Dulles Airport is one of the key factors driving the real estate market in the area. There are several options to choose from for different investment strategies, including residential properties such as single-family homes and multi-unit complexes, commercial spaces like office buildings or retail centers, and even vacant land.

Additionally, Loudoun County boasts excellent infrastructure and transportation networks. It has easy access to major highways such as Interstate 66 and Route 7, allowing residents and businesses to commute conveniently within the region or even towards Washington D.C., which is just a short drive away.  The county’s proximity to Washington D.C. is one of its main attractions since it allows residents and businesses to take advantage of the capital’s job market and amenities while living a suburban lifestyle.

The county also offers a high quality of life with its abundance of recreational activities and amenities. There are numerous parks, hiking trails, wineries, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options available throughout the area. This makes it an appealing place not only for residents but also for potential tenants.

The local economy is strong, with various industries contributing to its growth, including technology companies that have established their presence due to the availability of highly skilled workers and favorable business conditions. Additionally, government contractors benefit from being close to federal agencies located in D.C., creating more employment opportunities.

Furthermore, the county has experienced steady population growth over the years. Loudon County offers excellent schools, top-notch healthcare facilities, recreational parks, shopping centers, and dining options, making it a popular place to live or invest in.

If you’re considering investing in real estate near Washington D.C., Loudoun County is an important area to consider!

Arlington County, Virginia

Arlington County is a prime location for potential investors who are looking for an attractive opportunity to enter the real estate market. The county is situated just across the Potomac River from downtown Washington D.C., making it highly desirable for professionals working in government or related industries who prefer living outside the city but still want convenient access to their workplaces.

One of the main advantages of investing in Arlington County is its strategic location. It has an excellent transportation infrastructure, making commuting within and beyond its borders hassle-free. The area is served by multiple Metro stations on both the Orange and Blue lines, allowing residents quick and efficient travel throughout Northern Virginia and into D.C. Additionally, major highways such as Interstate 66 and Route 50 connect Arlington County with other parts of Virginia and neighboring states.

 Arlington County’s robust local economy contributes to its potential appeal as an investment destination. It is home to major employers such as Amazon HQ2, Deloitte Consulting, and Nestle USA headquarters, which attract a skilled workforce that contributes to the county’s economic growth and stability. The county is also home to numerous federal agencies including the Pentagon, which serves as headquarters for the U.S Department of Defense.

In addition to its professional appeal, Arlington County offers residents an array of amenities and attractions. The area features vibrant neighborhoods with diverse dining options, shopping centers like Pentagon City Mall and Ballston Quarter, cultural institutions like Signature Theatre and Arlington Arts Center, as well as outdoor spaces including parks along the Potomac River. These institutions aid a stable job market with high-income employment opportunities. The county also features several upscale shopping areas like Pentagon City Mall and Clarendon Market Common where residents can enjoy retail therapy at their convenience.

Arlington County’s advantageous location combined with excellent transportation infrastructure, a robust local economy, and diverse real estate options make it an important area for potential investors to consider.

Prince William County, Virginia

Prince William County is a top location for real estate investors to analyze given its growing economy and many attractive features. The county has been fortunate to have a strong job market, thanks to its proximity to Washington D.C. and the presence of major employers like government agencies and defense contractors.

 Furthermore, the county benefits from excellent transportation infrastructure with easy access to major highways like I-95, I-66, and Route 234. The presence of two VRE train stations also makes commuting convenient. This accessibility enhances the appeal of properties in the area, serving both residents and potential tenants of rental houses or apartment buildings.

Overall, the demand for residential rentals in Prince William County generally remains high due to the growing population, influx of young professionals, and military personnel stationed at nearby bases

The county also offers a diverse range of neighborhoods and communities that cater to different preferences and budgets. From charming suburban areas with excellent schools to vibrant urban centers with bustling amenities, there’s likely something for everyone here.

Additionally, Prince William County is known for its natural beauty and recreational activities. With stunning parks, hiking trails, golf courses, and waterways nearby, residents can enjoy an active lifestyle while still being close to city conveniences.   In terms of transportation infrastructure, Prince William County benefits from easy access to major highways like I-95 and Route 66. Additionally, the county operates multiple commuter lots and provides public transportation options through buses and VRE (Virginia Railway Express) trains – ensuring convenient connectivity within the region.

Overall, investing in real estate in Prince William County presents an interesting opportunity given its successful economy, diverse property market, recreational attractions, and strategic

Fauquier County, Virginia

Fauquier County has a lot to offer for those considering investing in the region. With picturesque landscapes and thriving communities, it is an ideal location for many. From charming historic rental homes to modern developments, the county boasts a diverse range of properties, including single-family rental homes, duplexes, apartment buildings, and retail centers, providing ample opportunities to suit different investment goals.

One of the key advantages of investing in Fauquier County is its strategic location. The county is situated just 45 miles west of Washington D.C., making it close to major metropolitan areas while still maintaining a peaceful rural atmosphere. This makes it an attractive destination for both residents and businesses. The local economy is also flourishing, with various industries contributing to its growth, including agriculture, tourism, technology, and healthcare sectors.

Furthermore, the county’s strong infrastructure ensures easy access to transportation networks such as highways and airports, enhancing convenience and attracting potential tenants or buyers for your real estate ventures. Additionally, Fauquier County provides excellent educational facilities, including top-rated schools and renowned colleges nearby, which adds value to residential properties as families seek quality education options for their children.

Also, the natural beauty surrounding Fauquier County creates endless recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The region features stunning parks, hiking trails, wineries, golf courses, and more, adding charm and appeal when considering property investments here. Rolling hillsides dotted with vineyards and horse farms create a serene atmosphere that attracts buyers seeking a peaceful lifestyle away from the city hustle while still enjoying easy access to urban amenities.

For owners considering commercial real estate investments or starting their own business venture in Fauquier County, this region provides ample opportunities to explore. Its growing economy supports various industries such as agriculture (including wineries), tourism/hospitality (due to historical sites), healthcare services (with numerous medical facilities), retail businesses (thanks to thriving local commerce), among others.

Ultimately, investing in real estate within beautiful Fauquier County presents an interesting opportunity to consider given its scenic landscapes, strong economy, strategic location, excellent infrastructure, quality education options, recreational amenities, and growing market.

York County, Virginia

York County is an excellent location for real estate investors to consider if they are looking for new opportunities in Virginia. With its attractive market conditions and potential for growth, York County can present a match for those looking to invest in rental homes, apartment buildings, or various commercial properties. Its proximity to major cities like Williamsburg and Newport News, as well as easy access to highways and airports, make it a convenient location for investors. One of the key factors that make York County a desirable investment destination is its strong economy.

The county has a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and government sectors which contribute to a stable job market. This stability translates into consistent demand for housing options, making it an opportune time to invest in rental properties. Another advantage of investing in real estate in York County is the presence of reputable educational institutions such as Christopher Newport University and Thomas Nelson Community College. These institutions attract students from across the region who require off-campus housing options. Investing in student rentals can be favored by certain investors due to the typical consistent stream of tenants needing accommodation during their years at school.

Added to all of this, York County has numerous attractions that appeal to tourists throughout the year. Historical sites like Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown Settlement draw visitors from all over the country. Additionally, Busch Gardens amusement park provides entertainment for families during summer vacations. This influx of tourists creates potential opportunities for short-term rental investments such as vacation homes or Airbnb rentals. In terms of property prices, while they may vary depending on specific locations within York County, overall they are relatively affordable compared to neighboring areas like James City County or Virginia Beach.

Overall, investing in real estate in York County can present a match for many investors seeking residential or commercial properties given the county’s proximity near major cities, strong economy, presence of educational institutions, tourist attractions, affordable property prices, and ongoing infrastructure development.

Stafford County, Virginia

Stafford County, Virginia is a popular location for both residential and commercial real estate investors to take a closer look at. The county offers a diverse range of property types, including single-family homes, townhouses, multi-unit apartment buildings, and commercial spaces. It has a strategic location, situated just 40 miles south of Washington D.C., providing easy access to major employment centers and amenities.

Along with its prime location, Stafford County boasts a robust economy and job market, with steady job growth over the years due to its proximity to Quantico Marine Corps Base and Fort Belvoir. Moreover, it is situated along Interstate 95, providing easy access to other parts of Virginia and neighboring states.

The county has experienced steady population growth with a surge in demand for housing and rental properties. Stafford County features excellent schools, recreational facilities, parks, and shopping centers, adding value to residential properties.  Many of the outdoor activities are planned along the Rappahannock River.  These amenities make it an appealing destination for families looking for quality living environments.

In conclusion, investing in real estate in Stafford County may prove fruitful due to its advantageous location near Washington D.C., strong economy, steady population growth, diverse range of property options, and desirable amenities.

It’s important. The limit on your landlord insurance in Virginia may be too high or too low. Notable Risk’s free tool will help you learn more now (it’s simple!).

When you insure your real estate investment property, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between replacement cost and market value.

The replacement cost refers to the expenses required to restore an asset to its original condition, using similar materials of the same quality and type, regardless of depreciation.

On the other hand, market value is the current worth of a property, as determined by a transaction between a willing buyer and seller. Insurance companies usually use the replacement cost method to determine the coverage needed under your landlord insurance policy. However, the two methods can lead to different values.

Therefore, it’s vital to understand the difference between them to make informed decisions while getting your property insured.

Find answers to your landlord insurance in Virginia questions. 

Does landlord insurance in Virginia cover a tenant breach for failure to pay rent.

Landlord insurance in Virginia is intended to protect the structure and often detached structures from covered causes of loss like fire and storm damage. The coverage also provides premises liability protection in the event that a guest or visitor to the property suffers an injury such as a broken ankle due to a loose stairway railing. Lastly, landlord insurance in Virginia often contains what is called loss of rental income which reimburses owners for the rent they would have receied (subject to policy limits) in the event that the rental property becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss such as a fire.  

Rent defaults on the other hand are considered contractual losses and may be covered under a form of rent guarantee insurance which is a distinct policy from that of landlord insurance in Virginia. 

What's included in the coverage when you obtain Landlord Insurance in Virginia?

Landlord insurance provides coverage for three core things. Firstly, it covers the structure of your commercial or residential investment property in case of damage or destruction due to a covered loss, such as water damage from a sudden pipe burst attached to water heater. Secondly, it offers on-premises (or on-property) liability coverage if a visitor to the property gets injured at your investment property.

As an example, if a resident suffers a burn on her hand due to an improperly installed outlet in the kitchen, this component of landlord insurance in Virginia would provide protection for attorneys expenses, settlement amounts, and judgments. Lastly, landlord insurance provides compensation for the loss of rental property income if your investment is subject to damage or even destruction due to a covered cause of loss, like a kitchen fire or sudden roof leak that causes expensive damage to the unit’s bedrooms.

If tenants are then required to vacate, the landlord will receive compensation for the rent that would have been made by the tenants according to the lease, up to policy limits, to pay for continuing expenses like mortgages, real property taxes, and electric bills.



What is the cost of landlord insurance in Virginia?

The average cost of Virginia landlord insurance is about $1,283 annually. 

The specific amount to insure rental properties can vary significantly. Some of the factors that impact the ultimate cost of landlord insurance in Virginia include:  the owner’s credit, the value, size, age, location, and condition of the property as well as various safety features that may be installed such as 24-7 remote monitored fire and burglar alarm systems.

As an example, if your rental home is located near the coastline in Virginia Beach and is a much larger property with a high replacement value, then the annual cost for landlord insurance in Virginia will be much greater than the statewide average.  


Will landlord insurance in Virginia provide coverage for vacancy?

This is a very important situation to monitor. As a general rule, if your rental home is vacant (even partially), then your current insurance coverage will not cover some (or all!) losses that may occur.  The carriers believe that vacant units provide an increased risk of loss due to events like frozen pipes, vandalism, or burglary given that there are no renters to monitor these potential losses before they occur or worsen. 

In order to close the gap, investors will require an endorsement of their existing insurance policy or, often, require a separate vacant property policy.

The way typical policies are structured, if your rental home is vacant for as few as 30 days, you must obtain vacancy coverage. 

The rental property vacancy rate in Virginia has recently been reported at approximately 4.6% across the State, but this percentage has been higher in various years as well. The statistics are a reminder of the importance of closely watching potential vacancies even if the vacancy is simply due to an unexpectedly longer tenant roll period as you are looking to relet your property. Notable Risk can help you obtain vacant property insurance that is flexible to meet your shorter or longer term needs.


Can Virginia landlords require that tenants maintain renters insurance?

Yes, Virginia landlords can require tenants to maintain renters insurance although certain restrictions may apply. It’s important to carefully review the rules with your legal counsel as certain limits on the amounts and other restrictions may apply.  

There is also a Virginia landlord and tenant online resource guide available for review on various helpful topics. 

What is the average cost of renters insurance in Virginia?

As a tenant in Virginia, it’s crucial to have a renters policy because a landlord insurance policy in Virginia does not provide needed coverage for various tenant exposures, and indirectly that of the landlord. On average, it costs around $125 per year, and it covers up to $30,000 for personal property, including furniture and clothing, with a $500 deductible. Additionally, it provides $100,000 of personal liability coverage.

However, keep in mind that these are estimates only and may vary significantly depending on individual needs and factors such as property and liability limits. These coverage amounts may increase, affecting the overall cost.

How is the cost of landlord insurance in Virginia determined

There are a number and variety of factors that the best landlord insurance companies utilize to determine premium costs. Here are a few examples:

1.  Property value 

2. Age of property and building systems (roof, electrical and plumbing)

3. Use/occupancy type

4. Location (distance to coast, brush exposure, fire department, and hydrant distance, etc.)

5. Credit score

6. Loss history (number and severity of past claims)

7. Safety features (24-7 remote monitored fire alarms, deadbolts on all exterior doors, exterior flood lights on all walkways and parking areas, automatic water leak shut-off systems, etc.)

8. Premises liability limit selected

9. Deducitble selected

10. Payment terms for the premium 

While there are other factors that impact the premium of landlord insurance in Virginia, the above list is a good illustration of some of the elements that may impact the ultimate cost of coverage. It’s important to review the factors that are relevant to your specific circumstances. 

When analyzing homeowners insurance vs landlord insurance what is the key difference?

As a property owner, if you are renting out your single-family home or other residential property, you will need to obtain landlord insurance or an endorsment to your existing home insurance policy which expressly permits the rental of your property for the specific duration identified. 

A rental property increases the level of exposure and potential risk for insurance companies compared to that of an owner-occupied home.  Therefore, most homeowners insurance policies do not permit the rental of your property under your existing policy and will likely deny any claims if you have rented your property to a third party, even a relative. 

Notable Risk has prepared a helpful article and illustration that summarizes landlord insurance vs homeowners insurance. We can help you assess what coverage you need and, only if needed, we can obtain competivie landlord insurance in Virginia!competitive

Who are the best landlord insurance companies?

There are many highly-rated landlord insurance companies in Virginia. Here are just a few that are worth considering.

1. State Farm Insurance

2. Liberty Mutual Insurance

3. USLI 

4. American Family

5. Farmers Insurance

6. Allstate Insurance

7. Foremost Insurance

8. Travelers Insurance

9. Steadily Insurance

10. Millers Mutual Insurance   

Each investment property requires careful review to asses if any of the above insurance companies or MGAs are appropriate for the specific needs and exposures involved. This list is for illustration purposes. 

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